A bit of insight into a sag fault

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Sag faults are a kind of power issue that see reductions in the AC voltage at a provided frequency for 0.5 cycles to 1 minute’s time. They are typically the result of a system fault, as well as turning on loads that have heavy start currents. For example, starting up massive motors within an industrial complex can cause a significant amount of voltage drop.

Motors can draw six times their regular running current or more during the starting process. If a big and sudden electrical load like this is created, it’s likely to result in a substantial voltage drop to the rest of the circuit that it is residing on.

It may be one of the most effective solutions, but adding on a dedicated circuit for sizeable starting loads might not prove beneficial in the economic or practical sense. This is particularly true if the entire structure has a plethora of items with such loading. You can’t put everything on a separate circuit after all as the cost would be astronomical.

Other methods do exist for dealing with huge starting loads however. For instance, a substitute power source could be utilised, ones which does not load the remainder of the electrical infrastructure during start-ups. Such examples include reduced voltage starters, which have either star-delta configurations or autotransformers.

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