A quick guide to electrical installation condition reports

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Reports are crucial

Electricity is something you likely don’t think much about despite how crucial it can be in homes. With cables in walls and fuse boxes in cupboards, people often forget to check the condition. However, it is important to look for faulty or old wiring that can cause electric shock and fires. A great way to check the condition of your electrics is through an electrical installation condition report (EICR).

Is your electrical installation old?

It is not always obvious how old your electrical installation is. However, some signs can help you find out its age. For example, people stopped using fixed cables coated in black rubber, lead, or fabric in the 1960s. You might also have an old fuse box using cast iron or white ceramic fuses.

Despite the age of your electrical installation, damage, as well as wear and tear, can occur and cause issues. This is why you should arrange for an electrician to check it at least every 10 years. You should also do this when you move home and must be aware of the rules for rental properties.

The aim of reports

There are a few purposes of EICRs:

• Make sure the electrical installation is safe and advise any work to make it safe
• Provide a record of the installation at the time of inspection. This information can be also helpful for future inspections
• See if any parts of the electrical installation don’t meet regulations
• Find anything that might cause high temperatures or electric shocks
• Locate and then report any damage or wear and tear that can affect the safety

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