A transient takes on multiple forms

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One type of power disturbance that exists, and one that can be the most damaging, is that of transients. These can fall into one of two categories. The first is referred to as impulsive and it is characterised as sudden high peak events that can elevate the current and voltage levels in both a negative and positive direction. An impulsive transient can be categorised even further by how quickly they manifest.

This kind of transient is what people are referring to whenever they’ve come across a spike or surge. Of the many unique terms to describe such an occurrence, some include power surge, bump and glitch. As far as causes go, some of the most common are poor grounding, lightning, electrostatic discharge, and utility fault clearing.

Oscillatory transients are the second variation and to put things into simple terms, they cause power signals to swell and shrink at a rapid pace. Transients such as this happen when you turn off a capacitive or inductive load, like a motor or capacitor bank.

This kind of transient is somewhat similar to when you turn off a tap that is flowing rapidly and then hear a hammering sound in the pipes. The flowing water stands up to the change, just like how the load is resisting the change here, and the fluid counterpart of an oscillatory transient transpires.

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