An electrician’s best friends are his tools

As the years have progressed, we have evolved our business into a respectable establishment that is revered for conducting work to very high standards. Being members of the NICEIC,ECA, everything we do is practiced to those standards set out by the Institution of Electrical Engineers. With a team of some of the best electricians Derbyshire has available, ours is the company to call if there’s ever any trouble with your electronics.

Each trade has its own set of equipment to complete different jobs. As expert electricians, we have a number of instruments that are specifically tailored to our needs. In order to provide you with an understanding of how we operate, we feel it necessary to list a few of our top tools and inform you of how they function.

Starting with what is perhaps the most iconic apparatus in our trade; the multimeter can measure numerous electrical properties over a series of ranges. Older models come with an analogue interface where a physical needle specifies those properties that are undergoing testing. Contemporary designs include a digital interface, as well as a host of revolutionary features like work lights and thermal imaging cameras.

In our industry, knowing if a line is live or not is critical; failing to do so could result in a myriad of extreme ramifications. This is where the voltage tester comes into play. This all-important safety utensil reveals whether a plug or line is indeed live. Even more surprising, it does so without the need for physical contact. Certain multimeters come with this function, but dedicated non-contact testers are both smaller and more convenient overall.

At Q-Energy we make use of the most up to date and practical equipment when rectifying an electrical fault. Aside from meeting the high standards that are expected of us, our hardware also aids us in working within strict deadlines, all without compromising our results.

If you believe that your electronics are at risk in some way, please get in touch with us. You can always rely on us to dispatch the best electricians Derbyshire has to your property when you need help.