An exemplary, economical electrical service

Our team at Q-Energy are always committed to performing to the highest standards, ensuring they satisfy the needs of our clients. With services available all across Derbyshire we are able to provide electricians to suit a wide array of needs.

Our domestic services can range from both small to large scale jobs. We offer basic installations and more high spec ones including LED lighting. Benefits to using LEDs include the fact that it qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowance. This allows us to write off the cost of the equipment against taxable profits in the year of purchase. We take on bigger contracts such as flats and housing estates as well as individual properties.

Industrial jobs can range from fire alarm systems to power saving devices. One of our more economical services is our Photovoltaic Solar service. Our system uses silicon solar cells to generate electricity. If the energy isn’t being used, it can be sold back to your supplier. Photovoltaic still produces electricity whether the sun is out or covered because the cells diffuse solar radiation. This makes them a very effective option.

Commercial establishments such as hospitals and casinos have also benefited from our work. We have installed a variety of types of energy saving equipment including LED lights which use roughly 10% of the power that incandescent lighting uses. On top of using less power, LEDs have a longer lifespan and greater electrical efficiency than traditional bulbs. This is especially important in places where employees rely on lighting to do their job efficiently with the longer lifecycle resulting in fewer disruptions.

We are constantly exploring ways to better our skills. This includes regularly offering training so that our team can work with new equipment and devices. We are proud of the high standard our electricians maintain, both in their workmanship and their observance of health and safety obligations. Our clients can expect a professional service from us every single time.