Are solar panels the complete answer?

On a typical winter’s day, the amount of electricity your solar panels are generating isn’t likely at the forefront of your mind. However, for years the trend and need for installing the systems has grown; even linking a home battery to store energy for later. Luckily modern panels don’t need direct sunlight to charge, meaning they can work well in winter too. At Q-Energy we have one of the most experienced teams of electricians Warwickshire can offer. We can offer more information about the systems.

Nissan and Tesla have both released home batteries that are designed to be small enough for easily hidden places. Sadly, currently they are a bit far from reach for the average household due to pricing. Fortunately, energy companies such as EDF and Eon are providing solar panels paired with home batteries.

The beautiful functionality of home energy storage and solar panels is it allows you to generate electricity and use it for various things. Energy storage systems not only store energy made from your renewable sources; they also allow you to access the grid at a cheaper rate, time-of-use tariff depending.

With the likes of energy companies Eon and EDF partnering up with LG and Tesla to provide solar panels and batteries, we can see what the technology may look like in the future. If you plan to start generating your own electricity, or have already begun doing so, storage batteries may be something else you want to consider.

Deciding on installing a battery to work with your PV solar panels can aid in maximising the amount of renewable energy you make use of. Additionally, this will create a reduction in how much energy your home uses from the grid, in turn cutting back on your energy bill. In turn you’ll reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Although the initial large investment will set you back financially, the long term solutions are the most profitable; both for your bank account and the environment. If you consider investing in PV solar panels get in touch with Q-Energy today; the best electricians Warwickshire has can provide households with renewable energy solutions.

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