Are you having trouble with a refrigerator?

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Refrigerators are more complex machines than you realise. In addition, they are amongst the hardest working appliances since they function around the clock. Fridges keep your food fresh during this time. However, it is possible for the fridge to develop complications. This is thanks to the persisting wear and tear as well as rigorous usage. These require a repair service.

A defective MCB

Electricians StaffordshireOne such complication is a defective fridge miniature circuit breaker (MCB). You may notice that your fridge is not starting. Here, it is always wise to inspect the MCB. Issues with it are the primary cause of fridge breakdowns. In cases like these, you should call an expert instead of attempting to do things yourself.

Inadequate currents and voltages

Another potential problem could be an insufficient current. One of the leading reasons why a fridge stops working is because of an inadequate voltage or current to the unit. Assess how much energy is coming from the outlet using a voltage tester device and multi-meter.

Start capacitors

Faulty start capacitors also cause many headaches for fridge owners. When you turn this appliance on, the thermostat conveys a signal that goes to the capacitor. The signal tells it to trigger the compressor and begin the fridge’s refrigeration cycle. In certain instances, the fridge won’t even start. This is likely the cause of a faulty start capacitor.

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At Q-Energy, we can look at your appliances if they are causing you trouble. In some cases, it will be the machine acting up. In others, it will be the wider electrical system that is to blame. No matter the circumstances, we shall make all the necessary repairs.

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