Are you ready for a safe Christmas with your electrics?

As we get further into the festive season, more people are setting up their lights and other decorations in preparation for the 25th. With anything electrical though, you should follow advice from the electricians Staffordshire trusts. This will allow you to have a fun yet safe Christmas.

Don’t Misuse Your Lights

After spending a year tucked away, there is a good chance your lights, regardless of how much you love them, are no longer suitable. Incorrect storage can damage the wires and the bulbs. This can create shock and fire hazards when you use them.

Keep An Eye Out

You should check any decorations that use electricity. If there is a fault with how they operate or visual damage like exposed wire, stop using them. In terms of lighting, you should only ever replace bulbs with the same type and rating.

If you notice any products getting rather warm, this is a sign that you need to replace them. You may not believe much harm can come from it but this is a fire hazard. If you have them on a real tree or a fake one without the right safety standards, this can cause a lot of trouble.

Whether it is decorations or new toys that need plugging in, you should never overload a socket. Not only can you blow a fuse this way, but it could cause an electrical fire. You should ensure that cables are always safely out of the way. This also makes sure they are not a trip hazard.

If you are ever in need of any electrical work, rely on Q-Energy. We can help with numerous tasks. For example we can install new power outlets and complete safety checks. This is as well as the provision of relevant certificates.

We dedicate ourselves to outstanding customer care and amazing services. Through this, we have built a stellar reputation. For the leading electricians Staffordshire loves, reach out to us. One call is all it takes and we can arrange an appointment at the perfect time for you.