Are your electric boxes set up properly?

Even though we have spent over three decades working within the electrical industry, we are still seeking out new ways to amplify our services. Experienced in supplying all kinds of services to differing sectors, there isn’t much that our people cannot accomplish. Employing one of the most skilled teams of electricians Warwickshire has to offer, we are the individuals to contact if you suspect that your electronics are failing in some manner.

Electrical work is both difficult and immensely delicate, with one mistake being all that it takes for everything to turn pear shaped. Electric boxes for instance have to be flush to your wall’s surface if this exterior happens to be comprised of a combustible material.

Those boxes that are recessed behind substances like wood come with fire risks, as the wood is exposed to possible sparks and heat. The solution here is to introduce a plastic or metal box extension. If a metal extension is being utilised on plastic boxes, hook it to the box’s ground wire with a short piece of wire and a grounding clip.

If you are installing cable, don’t do so without a clamp. Unsecured cables can put quite the strain on connections. With metal boxes, the sharpened edges are able to cut the wire’s insulation. Single plastic boxes have no need for interior cable clamps, but your cables have to be stapled within eight inches of the box. Plastic boxes that are bigger in size must include built-in cable clamps, with the cable having to be stapled within twelve inches of the box.

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