Avoiding electrical mishaps outside

As the electricians Warwickshire loves to go to, we have a lot of experience and knowledge. We apply this to both the work that we complete and the advice we give people. For example, you must stay safe around electrics at all times. When you’re outside, you must take even more care.

From relaxing to doing some garden work, always remember these tips.


Getting your electrics to work outside often requires the use of extension cords. If so, ensure you are using one suitable for outdoor use. You also have to remember not to overload a socket by powering numerous items. This is a serious hazard.

It’s Rough Out There

Cables can become damaged in any situation, and the outside world has many things that can cause this. When wires become exposed, danger ensues. Luckily RCD’s are here and they’re literally life savers.

Let’s say you cut through a cable using a lawnmower. This handy device would act in the case of somebody then touching the exposed live wire. It would also work if a broken appliance started overheating, allowing the electric current to flow to earth.

Water Is The Enemy

Okay, it may be helpful in many situations but when it comes to your electrics, keep water far away. Whether it is rain, leftover moisture or a splash from somewhere else, it is dangerous. Water is a great conductor so it can not only break your items but potentially cause a fatal shock.

Care For Your Electrics

If any of your items are starting to look old or worn, replace them. It is always better to be safe than sorry by only using something that is high quality.

If you decide you would like electrics installing in your garden, call someone to help you. DIY work is a big cause of accidents. We often install garden lighting for people, producing a reliable system and results you can trust.

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