Blame your own wiring

Electrical faults are very common unfortunately. Therefore, you will want to make sure you are in contact with specialists who can help. We employ the most competent electricians Leicestershire has. Being one of the most versatile teams around, you can rely on us to work in a variety of settings.

When something goes wrong with your electrics, it is likely you will be quick to blame our country’s power system. You may do this instead of examining your own wiring. In truth, your wires could be out of date and inefficient. There are other wiring issues out there as well. We have some examples below for you to think about.

Aluminium wires

One issue you cannot ignore is aluminium wiring. This comes with a high danger level because it is a cheap substitute for copper. However, while it was popular once, aluminium is no longer a safe option. The thing is that corrosion occurs when the material comes into contact with copper. In addition, the connections can loosen and cause fires.

The solution here is retrofitting a dielectric wire nut. This is for the aluminium wire to copper link in case of light fixtures. This aids in preventing corrosion because of grease in the nuts. An even better option is to replace the aluminium wiring.

Overcircuited panels

Electricians LeicestershireBe on the lookout for an overcircuited panel too. It is against regulations to position tandem breakers in a single slot as opposed to too many single-pole breakers. The difference between tandem and double-pole is the former does not use two slots in one circuit. To overcome this problem, add a sub-panel with extra slots. Alternatively, substitute the current panel for a larger model.

At Q-Energy, we have our people perform all of the necessary work. It does not matter how bad things get; you can depend on the greatest electricians Leicestershire has to offer. We will find the issue and provide an effective solution.

If you have a problem that you can’t solve, get in touch with us immediately. We will advise you and be out to help you as soon as we can.