Bring down energy bills with voltage reduction units

Voltage reduction is essentially a straightforward concept. When power is delivered to your property or business premises, it comes in at a voltage somewhere between 225 and 245. The fluctuation is due to location. The closer your property is to the transformer, the higher the voltage. The majority of electrical appliances can function when powered by 220 volts, which means that you could be missing out on potential savings.

Everyone dreads the hassle of switching energy suppliers, but taking advantage of voltage reduction allows you to remain with your current supplier and continue using the same amount of energy whilst making beneficial savings. You may be concerned that by reducing the power to your appliances could affect their performance, but decreased voltage actually has the opposite effect and enables electrical devices to run with greater efficiency.

Varying supplies of voltage are necessary for the distribution network to operate effectively. Voltage management means that all users enjoy the electricity supply they need at the same time. By reducing the voltage supplied to your home or business from 245V to 220V, you can enjoy the same efficiency of power while simultaenously experiencing a substantial reduction in bills. The average domestic property can expect to save approximately 10% with the use of a voltage reduction unit.

The installation of reduction units should always be carried out by professional electrical contractors. Our electricians in Warwickshire can provide swift, safe and efficient installations in residential, commercial or industrial properties and we offer our customers a flexible and versatile service. Every aspect of our work is executed to high standards and in full accordance with the standard of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personal service that ensures everyone we serve is satisfied with our level of workmanship and customer care. We strive to give our customers reason to return to us for all their electrical requirements and we work hard to stand out in a competitive market.