Bringing energy savings to Derbyshire

In this day and age everyone is looking for a way to reduce their electricity use. Of course, we all understand the value and importance of leading a far more environmentally friendly life, and with the rising cost of energy we want to save money as well. We are a team of skilled electricians in Warwickshire who understand this and offer services and solutions which reduce the cost.

Many might say that simply using electrical devices less often is the best way to reduce costs. It is admirable when someone can do this, but with so many elements of our daily life reliant on electrical equipment, sometimes this is just not possible or practical. Looking at ways to reduce the cost of electricity used is often the most useful approach.

Solar power has long been seen as a possible way to reduce electricity bills, but it has not always been considered a viable option in the UK. This may have been the case in the early days of solar technology, but the latest developments mean that the UK can indeed benefit from solar power. PV (photovoltaic) solar panels do not required direct exposure to sunlight as they diffuse solar radiation from atmospheric particles. This means that they are perfectly capable of creating solar energy in the UK, even on the most overcast of days.

In our capacity as professional electricians in Warwickshire, we are also at the forefront of supplying voltage reduction units for residential homes. As the name suggests, voltage reduction devices work to lower the amount of voltage entering your home to meet the requirements of your equipment. Whilst most electrical equipment requires 220V to operate, as a standard the supply from the grid to UK homes is 245V. This means that even on the most energy efficient of devices, a minimum of 15V of electricity is simply going to waste. We supply voltage reduction units designed to eliminate this waste whilst always ensuring both your electricity supply and your equipment are safe to use.

We understand the pressures faced by electricity bills. They are a part of life that affect us all. Our wide range of abilities are able to make your home as energy efficient as possible, and we have the skills needed to adapt them to suit your specific situation.