Can You Store Solar Power?

The many advantages offered by solar power are more widely known now than has ever previously been the case. For many the easier access to information available today, and the increased media coverage of the importance of environmentally friendly energy sources, has served to create this greater awareness of how solar power can satisfy our requirements. It is, however, also true that a number of myths and assumptions remain in circulation and accepted by some as being fact.

One of the most frequent assumptions made about solar energy is that it will never be adopted as our sole source of power as it cannot be utilised in a consistent way. This is to say that most people believe the resource cannot be relied on to deliver a constant stream of electricity, as is possible with fossil fuel or nuclear based power supplies. Whilst in terms of current technology there is a degree of truth in this, it is not quite accurate to say that we are unable to rely on it for consistent energy delivery.

A traditional view of solar panels is that they only produce energy when they are exposed to the sun. This is to say that there’s an assumption of solar power only occurring in “real time”, as in the panels only work as and when they are struck by the rays. Most that hold this view do so because it was true when they were first exposed to technology of this nature. Technology has, however, advanced to the point where we can store the energy drawn from the rays of the sun.

Solar batteries can be used to hold the energy created from PV solar panels. This allows the resource to be used in a standardised, consistent way as is the case with several other forms of power supply. Whilst at this stage the batteries are not efficient enough to be relied on for all of our energy requirements, they are perpetually being refined and improved. From a domestic use perspective at this stage they can be highly beneficial in allowing households to make a fuller level of use the technology.

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