Changes to Building Regulations for fire and electrical safety

The Fire and Security Association (FSA) and the ECA have helped the Independent Review into the legislation for Building Regulations and Fire Safety. This resulted from the Grenfell Tower fire, but it does cover the overall efficacy of Building Regulations in focus, including electrical and fire safety.
As some of the most accomplished electricians Derbyshire has, we feel certain measures and proposed regulations would largely reduce electrical and fire safety risks in shared accommodation. This also includes in tall buildings. A ‘deregulatory’ mindset has been challenged in which is believed to be the greatest factor affecting the development of safety regulations in buildings for years. It has been pointed out that any policy approach may increase danger to the public, when the most basic responsibility is placed on us, which is to protect the population.

In government some confusion has become apparent in regulations, and so the various departments need better regulation to reduce operational burdens on businesses and effective, clear regulation to maintain proper standards. The ECA and FSA as such have proposed three measures for this review:

Company competence – All fire and electrical safety companies working in such buildings should carry out third party certification every 3 years, or as required, by accredited parties.

Qualified engineers – All individuals carrying out electrical and fire safety work in any premises, commercial or not, need to be qualified and meet industry standards of professionalism and capability. For electrical work, they must carry a status of an ECS Registered Electrician; this is the most effective and suitable form of demonstration. Meeting these requirements can be shown using the relevant ECS card scheme.

Adequate inspection and maintenance – Inspections of any accommodation, in particular those who have multiple occupancy, should be done at least every 5 years or sooner if there is any alteration that can affect safety. This is an addition to the present annual fire inspections.

The recommendations made by these organisations will soon be reviewed, and is trusted to be key in delivering the best standards that will ensure safety of those in shared accommodation.

Here at Q-Energy, we are members of the ECA and pride ourselves on being able to carry out many types of work to high standards. We have some of the most highly trained electricians Derbyshire has to offer. So, if you require experts of the electrical industry then please get in contact today.