Check on electrics after a flood

Flooding can be minor or major but either way, if it happens to you, you will likely want to get back in your home and start to set things right. You should take great care because there could be electrical damage. If this is the case, you should contact Q-Energy for the electricians Staffordshire trusts.

Dos & Don’ts

Firstly, you must make sure it is safe to enter the property. If there is any exposed wiring, you should not go near it as it could still be live. Make sure you use a torch to guide you when entering the property and do not use candles.

Direct contact with contaminated water is dangerous so try to avoid this. It is important that you do not use mains powered electrical appliances until a registered electrician advises you that it is safe to do so. If any electrical appliances have damage from the flood, unplug them and move what you can away from the affected area.

You should switch off the electricity supply at the fuse box if you can do this safely. If there are signs of water in the fuse box or any issues, you should seek the advice of a professional. Do not switch the supply back on until you receive advice that it is okay to do so.

Professional Help & Repairs

You should use a specialist when you need property repairs and restorations. A registered electrician can assess wiring, appliances, and equipment affected by flooding. Never attempt to carry out electrical repairs on your own because this can be incredibly dangerous.

Electricians Staffordshire

Ask a registered electrician to carry out a periodic inspection and test so that you know if any of the wiring and equipment needs repairs. Arrange for the testing of portable appliances and fixed equipment to make sure they are safe to continue using.

Minor damage from clean water like a burst pipe shouldn’t require as much work. Chances are you will only need an electrician to dry out cables and replace accessories. Major damage, whether from clean or contaminated water, will probably be more serious. You might need parts of the electrical installation rewired.

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