Could solar energy power your home?

It would be fair to say that most people are familiar with the long-term advantages of using solar power. The sun is an infinitely renewable resource and is considered to be the most environmentally friendly form of energy. After the initial installation of the panels, the costs of generating solar energy are substantially lower than any other form of power production. However, many people wonder whether installing solar panels is actually worth it, as it doesn’t matter how environmentally friendly it is if it doesn’t actually deliver the energy you need. As part of our electrical services, we specialise in installing PV solar panels, and we will always offer the most honest advice and recommendations for you.

It’s not possible to provide a generic answer to the question of how much energy you will be able to generate from your solar panels, as this will depend on your own unique circumstances, such as the amount of light that will hit the panels and how many you will be having installed. It is possible, however, to give you the basic information which will let you determine whether solar power is viable for your home.

A standard sized solar panel produces about 200 watts of energy from average sunlight. As we’d suggest at least 20 panels are installed as a minimum, that’s 4000 watts, or 4kW. In seeing how that would work for you, it’s necessary to compare what you do in your home that uses energy. As a general guide, TV sets use between 50 and 300 watts, a computer would use a similar figure, a washing machine can use up to 1000 watts, a refrigerator depending on size and settings would use up to 750 watts, and charging up a smartphone or tablet would typically use 20 watts.

Whilst we hope the above information has been of interest to you, it mostly demonstrates why it is all but impossible to give a general answer to how much energy you would be able to create with solar panel power. If you are exploring the possibility of harnessing solar energy, contact us. We are happy to do the technical work of calculating how many panels you could install and what energy would be generated from exposure to PV rays. This will give you a specific answer to how much energy you would produce, and let you determine for yourself whether solar energy would be a viable option for your home.