Decreasing your risk of electrical fire

Electrical fires affect over 20,000 homes every year in the UK. They may occur for a number of different reasons including damaged wiring, overloaded circuits, faulty motors or poor quality initial installations. These fires can have devastating consequences, leading to injuries and even fatalities.

The risk of electrical fires increases in winter because more people will be using electric heaters to warm their homes. Care needs to be taken when using these appliances to avoid faults and minimise the risk of fires. It is vital you follow manufacturer guidelines, keep the heater uncovered and unobstructed, and avoid leaving the device unattended.

Washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers can also be a cause for concern. The devices combine heat, electricity and moisture, all of which can lead to faults and fires. Many people have the tendency to leave these devices on overnight, particularly when they are placed on long cycles. This creates the potential for a fire to start and spread before you receive any warning. You should avoid leaving each of these appliances on unattended overnight, even if you have working smoke alarms.

If you want to reduce the risk of electrical fires starting in your home, you should ensure you check wiring and sockets regularly to spot signs of wear and tear. You should take immediate action if you detect a problem, switching off and replacing devices with frayed or damaged cables and contracting an electrician if you find burn marks on sockets or excessive heat coming from them.

Turning off electrical equipment you are not using is wise for two reasons. Firstly it will reduce the risk of faults and fires occurring. Secondly it can help you save on your energy bills because many devices will still draw and consume power when they are plugged in, especially when left on standby.

If you are worried about the electrical systems or appliances in your home, you should consult our experienced electricians in Derbyshire for help. We will be able to check your wiring and various devices and appliances to ensure there are no problems. It is better to contact a specialist early rather than run the risk of a problem occurring. If you would like help, advice and professional services before the busy Christmas period, please contact us.