Derbyshire Electricians

In this modern world we live in advancements in technology (including electrical appliances) has left many people troubled when it comes to installing and repairing such equipment. These cutting edge devices are much more sophisticated than their older counterparts, and professional advice and guidance relating to such products is becoming increasingly important. Electricians have had to adapt and learn new skills to keep on top of changes, and it is apparent that training electricians to keep up with any advancements is critical.

At Q-Energy we are a leading firm within the electrical industry. We have worked closely with many domestic home owners, commercial business owners and industries over the years, and we have the skills to adapt our services accordingly. We understand the difficulties you may face when trying to install, repair or even upgrade your electrical equipment, and our team of highly qualified electricians are on hand to help. Our team have been put through vigorous training courses to ensure they know all there is to know about the industry – especially when it comes to health & safety, and they can tailor their service accordingly.

As we are loyal members of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contractors (NICEIC) our work is carried out to the standards set by the Institution of Electrical Engineers. We believe this also provides you with peace of mind regarding the quality of services, and we can ensure you that your electrical appliances will be installed and repaired in the safest means possible.

Over the years we have gained a formidable knowledge of the electrical industry, and electrical services in general. We offer a wide range of services for our clients such as providing appliance repairs and dealing with property wiring and installations, and we also offer emergency services if you have an urgent need for an electrician. We can help with any size project – from installing a single socket, right through to fully rewiring a property, and we have the talent and the skills to do so.

Over recent years you may have noticed energy costs have been on the rise, and it is becoming important to significantly cut back on the amount of energy we use month by month. With this in mind we can also supply clients with cutting edge voltage reduction units which are purposely built to reduce energy consumption. These devices have been designed to reduce the amount of voltage coming into your property from 245V down to 220V and, although the voltage may be decreased, many house hold appliances actually work much more efficiently at 220V.

If you require further information, or if you have any questions, please contact Q-Energy today on: 08455 485 030 or alternatively via email at: We offer free surveys and quotations before we carry out any work – and this ensures you know the exact cost of our services.

So If you’re looking for Derbyshire Electricians make Q-Energy your first choice. We are here to help.