Do you know what you are looking for with visual checks?

When it comes to the world of electricity, the majority of people know that they need to stay safe. But, a lot of them are not aware of what constitutes as a danger. The task of carrying out visual checks is helpful but will be pointless if you do not know what you are looking for. As the reliable electricians Derbyshire trusts, we can help you stay safe.

Don’t Let Your Electricity Be A Danger To You

Wherever there are plugs and sockets in your property, they should all appear in good condition without visual damage. This can include loose fittings along with scorch marks. Any cables that you are using should get the same attention. It is important that you check them for any fraying or the covering separating from the plug.

If you happen to discover something not as it should be then you have to deal with it immediately. Failing to do this can put the next person who uses it at risk. It could be that the electrical item needs replacing or you need an expert to investigate your sockets.


Plugging in multiple items may not appear so bad but it can be very dangerous. You should take care with how many plugs you are using with your sockets. It is surprisingly easy to overload them and cause the electric to trip off.

If you have cords that you want to hide out of sight, putting them under carpets and rugs is not a smart idea. This poses a fire hazard due to any heat not being able to escape and risks people tripping over. As well as this the cable can become worn which you will not be able to notice.

You can always call on a professional to get new sockets installed where you need them. This is a better option than using lots of extensions.

By following simple maintenance and checks, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of an electrical issue. Any and all installations and products within your property should not be posing risks to you or other occupants. Q-Energy is the team with the safety expertise you can count on for high grade work. As registered electricians Derbyshire residents can choose us with confidence.

One call to us is all it takes; we can come out to you even in an emergency.