Don’t risk a DIY disaster and call an expert

You might think that doing your own electrical work or repairs is a good idea. Having experience completing other DIY jobs might give you confidence. The truth though is that you should be calling the first class electricians Derbyshire is home to. This type of work can be dangerous and also requires the right skills to obtain the best results.

Avoiding a DIY disaster

A survey by Which? revealed that electrical DIY jobs are tasks that people attempt that electricians often receive calls about to come and finish or fix. The most popular work is changing switches and sockets (70%). Second on the list is replacing light fittings (54%).

These two jobs are where electricians are most likely to be hired after people try to do it themselves. 85% of traders in the survey said they receive calls about light fittings and 84% have had people ask them for help with switches and sockets.

Research by the charity Electrical Safety First suggests that almost half of severe electrical shocks in homes are a result of DIY attempts.

Call in a professional

It is best to leave electrical work to professionals. While you might have some knowledge and experience, this is their speciality. As a result they know how to do the job in a timely and safe manner so that you get the results you need.

Electricians DerbyshireContacting experts means that you won’t be risking serious injury or fire. Instead, you will be safe and able to save yourself time and money, as well as stress. It is also important to understand that due to building regulations, there are certain jobs where you need a registered electrician to sign off on the work.

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