Don’t take risks with your electrical systems

Older properties typically require more care when it comes to the electrical systems, as wiring is more likely to have suffered damage and wear and tear. Additionally, there is a higher likelihood that changes will have been made to the system over the years, such as new installations, extensions and replacements.

It is not uncommon for older properties to have systems that no longer comply with modern electrical codes. Health and safety requirements can change frequently, particularly with continued advancements in domestic and commercial technology. Property owners need to ensure the electrical systems are up to code and not in a condition where they could cause harm to the occupants of the building.

There are a number of cases when it is prudent to contact an electrician to get their professional opinion about a problem. When purchasing a property, you may wish to get the electrical systems tested early on so you are clear about their condition and can identify any potential issues. This is especially appropriate if the building is old, because it is likely to have been built prior to the latest modern codes.

It is also advisable to get a professional opinion if you experience flickering lights, particularly if it occurs when you turn certain appliances or devices on. The issue can be caused by a number of reasons, but primarily it is usually because a specific item is consuming too much power. It is important to ensure the problem is not causing excessive strain to your system. Your electrician will also be able to advise you on whether you should have a dedicated circuit installed.

If you ever see burn marks on sockets or switches, they feel warm to the touch or they give you an electrical shock, you should seek advice as quickly as possible. This could be an earthing problem and anybody who comes into contact with it will be at risk.

At Q-Energy we have a team of electricians ready to offer professional services for clients across Staffordshire and beyond. We can help resolve many electrical problems, investigating wiring for signs of wear and faults and implementing all necessary repairs and maintenance. When you are working with us you can ensure your building is up to the required standard and safety hazards are minimised.