Earthing and bonding are essential

You should always leave any alterations or additions to the electrics in your property to an expert. When you call us, one of the first class electricians Staffordshire is home to will complete this work for you. While carrying out the job, among other things, they will look at the earthing and bonding that is in place. These need to meet the right standard for safety reasons.


This is for when there is an electrical installation fault. When this is an issue, touching a live metal part can result in an electric shock. This happens because the electricity uses your body, which is a great conductor, as a path from the live part to earth.

earthing and bonding

Earthing is for protection from electric shocks. It provides the current from a fault with a path (protective conductor) to earth. As well as this it will make the protective device, which will either be a fuse or circuit-breaker, switch off the current to the faulty circuit.


To use an example, imagine your cooker has a fault. The current will flow safely to earth using the protective conductor. The protective device in place will switch off the electricity supply to your cooker. This will keep you safe from an electric shock when you touch it.


People use bonding as another way to reduce the risk of an electric shock. Someone might touch two different metal parts when there is a fault with the electrical installation. Bonding conductors are connected to specific parts to reduce the potential voltage. The two types people typically use are main and supplementary bonding.

There are many items in your home that run on electricity. A lot of faults aren’t obvious which can lead you to accidentally coming into contact with one. Electric shocks can be very dangerous. They might surprise you for a second, or could lead to a life-threatening injury.

A Registered Electrician

You should only use a registered electrician to work on your electrics, especially if it is earthing or bonding. They will carry out work to high standards for each and every job. This allows for reliable safety and great results.

As the electricians Staffordshire continues to depend on, we can offer you our excellent services. Simply contact us today and speak to us about the service you need.