Easy steps to avoid an electrical hazard

With over three decades worth of experience in the electrical industry, we possess the skills necessary to tackle any fault we come across. Employing some of the most talented electricians Warwickshire has to offer, we strive to deliver a quick yet effective service to residential and business clients. Regardless of the sector that you come from, be it industrial, commercial or domestic, we will be able to assist you.

Electrical hazards are a common occurrence in our line of work and are things you should always be prepared for. By taking the proper steps it should become easy enough for anyone to avoid them. Here are just some of the ways in which you can prevent an electrical peril from manifesting.

Before using them, examine your electrical cords. Make certain that the insulation is in shape, and is free of any tears, abrasion damage and cracks. In addition, see to it that the extension cables have not been knotted; this can result in conductor mutilations and heightens the chance of a fire breaking out.

Prior to cutting through any ceilings, walls or floors, ensure that there’s no wiring present. Whenever a tool accidently comes into contact with a line, the operator is highly likely to experience a nasty shock or be electrocuted outright. Never walk into a situation without sizing it up first in order to lower the injury risks.

Speaking of tools, be sure to analyse them regularly. Take a look at their plugs and power cords for signs of wear in the grounding pin, insulation or blades. Should you discover considerable wear and tear, remove those utensils from the equation until they’ve been repaired. Remain aware whist using your gear too and if it starts to smell like burning, shocks you, or overheats, terminate its use.

At Q-Energy, we double-check everything before we begin working on your electronics. They might not always seem obvious, but electrical hazards are everywhere, so we need to stay vigilant. We have become the best electricians Warwickshire has to offer by ensuring our team have the training and focus to maximise safety.

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