Effective inspection of commercial electrical systems

All managers and owners of commercial buildings have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for staff, customers and any other visitors. Electrical safety is paramount in any building and it is important to protect everyone on site from any potential threat. Alongside slips and falls, electrical incidents are amongst the most common injuries in the workplace.

A lack of due care and attention can result in accidents, but by implementing careful electrical safety techniques you can give yourself the best chance of preventing workplace injuries. As an owner or manager, it is best to schedule regular inspections. Your premises must be checked by qualified electricians that will look for any overloading of your circuits and identify any lack of earthing, along with any other electrical defects.

PAT (portable appliance testing) is an essential part of electrical safety. In the workplace, this includes all photocopiers, computers and lighting features as well as kettles and microwaves used by your staff.

Although official tests and inspections need to be performed by professional electricians, you can still carry out visual checks on a regular basis. Focus on areas such as sockets, appliances and light fittings. Should you spot any broken casings or signs of overheating, it is important to call in a professional to safely deal with the problem. Additionally, encourage your employees to report any signs of potential hazards.

It is also important to be aware of the risks that come with the changing seasons. Indoor temperatures can depend on many factors such as the age and size of your building. Winter often means using freestanding electric heaters, and the summer months can mean the constant use of air conditioning systems. This means increased wear and tear and a greater potential for accidents.

If you do have any concerns you should never hesitate to call in the experts. We offer a complete range of electrical services for our commercial customers, along with a thorough testing and inspection service. As reputable electricians in Warwickshire we can ensure your commercial premises are entirely electrically safe.