Electrical safety in the bedroom

Electricity is useful in our everyday lives but it has the potential to be very dangerous. This is why you should leave any work to professionals like us. Q-Energy is the home of the electricians Warwickshire can call for reliable and safe results.

Staying Safe Everywhere

You might think that the room people spend most of their time in differs. Some enjoy long Netflix binges in the living room. There are also those who love to cook and entertain in the kitchen. The real answer tends to be your bedroom.

An average individual will spend 33 years, or 12,045 days, in bed. That’s not including those times when you don’t feel like leaving your bedroom. When you spend this long in a room, it should be just as electrically safe as any other area of your home.

Expert Advice

The majority of us are guilty of creating a pile of clothes that we throw in a corner to clear up later. While this is tempting and easy to do, it can be very dangerous. The fire hazard comes from this heap acting as kindling in a fire and the possibility of it preventing a clear exit route.

You should not charge an electrical device on your bed or under your pillow because it might overheat and cause a fire. We know that people like doing this with their phones but you are putting yourself at risk. You should ideally never charge them when unattended or through the night. As well as this, you should only place devices on a hard surface like a nightstand when they are charging.

You might combat a lack of outlets with an extension lead but do not overload it. You should also check any plugs or cables for damage, wear and tear, or loose fittings. Replace anything that is not in good condition.

Most people recognise the importance of having a smoke alarm but do you only have the one? You should have an alarm on every level of your property to help in case a fire starts upstairs.

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Keep any portable heaters away from flammable materials like curtains, bedding, paper, or furniture. You should never use one for drying clothes. You should also keep an eye on the condition of an electric blanket. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and replace if it looks worn to avoid a fire.

Reliable electrical services

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