Electrical work is something only qualified people should attempt

The importance of ensuring that the electrical work carried out in your home is done so by qualified, certified and professional electricians is underlined by research and figures from the renowned Electrical Safety First organization. Every year some two and a half million people in the UK experience electrical shocks, with a large percentage of them attributed to incorrect wiring or faulty installations. Whilst, thankfully, not many of those incidents lead to serious harm, of great concern is that, on average, there are some ten house or business fires a day caused by electrical wiring and installations. When it comes to the need for the best, qualified and certified technicians Derbyshire is served by, Q-Energy provide the most assured and safe service for all domestic, retail and corporate requirements.

At Q-Energy we are endorsed and accredited by all Government and relevant bodies and organizations who implement standards and procedures in respect of electrical work being carried out. We not only meet but rather exceed the standards of safety set, ensuring that you and your home have the safest and most secure electrical installations, sockets and wiring possible in place. The importance of ensuring this is becoming an increasingly essential matter, as many people seek to have energy saving initiatives installed in their homes.

In this regard, one of the most effective – and if handled incorrectly dangerous – methods of introducing energy saving means to homes is by arranging for voltage reduction units to be installed. Whereas most appliances in homes only require an electrical voltage of 220V to operate, most homes in the United Kingdom receive a supply set at around 245V. The extra voltage of around 25V is neither “saved” nor stored, but simply goes to waste – at the expense of the account holder. With the installation of a voltage reduction unit, the flow of electricity is controlled and reduced to only the amount required. This can bring about a saving of some 10% on annual energy bills, which in this day and age of rising electricity costs can translate as being a substantial amount.

The successful installation of such a device, however, is dependent on only the most suitable, certified and best qualified of electricians Derbyshire has being allowed to carry out the work. At Q-Energy we are specialists in the field of installing energy saving voltage reduction units, making sure that they are installed in a way that ensures they are safe and secure as well as effective for their intended purpose.