Electricians always seek out trouble

With 30 years of experience in the electrical industry behind us, we consider ourselves to be well versed when it comes to rectifying faults. Experienced in working on a number of different issues, we can handle problems within a variety of sectors, including the likes of the commercial, domestic and industrial. No matter how complicated things may seem at first, no challenge is too tough for Q-Energy – the best electricians Derbyshire has.

Electrical faults could potentially be disastrous, so as electricians, we always have to be on the lookout for trouble. This way, we can work on an issue before it has the chance to manifest into something worse.

Long-term subjection to active leaks or considerable levels of moisture is one of the primary reasons why we always need to be on our toes. The water could be originating from the plumbing supply, roof leakages, or even drain line leaks.

Whenever a visual inspection is being conducted they should consist of an observation of the panel board connections where the breakers spring-clamp onto the busbars. Through the use of annual infrared thermography, the robustness of these connections can be examined.

Unchecked failures, such as damaged busbars, have a habit of evolving into a cataclysmic panel board loss due to arcing complications. These can melt the busbar’s components. Usually, the melting of the steel enclosure transpires prior to the over-current protection opening up the circuit.

At Q-Energy we make it a point to stay alert so that we can stop those minor faults from turning into ones that are both large and expensive to repair. As proud members of the NICEIC,ECA, only the highest of standards are practiced by our electricians, with all aspects of the work carried out by us and no one else. If you require our assistance at any time, please get in touch with us.