Electricians Derbyshire

The research undertaken by the Electrical Safety Council indicates that over 50 house fires are caused by problems with electricity use every single day in the UK. As a house fire can destroy all your possessions and take away your home in a matter of minutes, it is always vital to ensure that your electrical fittings and wirings are both in good, reliable order and are functioning as they are supposed to. At Q Energy we are proud to be the electricians Derbyshire residents turn to in order to ensure that their electrical wiring and fixtures are in good, safe order, as well as calling upon us to implement energy saving measures.

One of the most common causes of problems with electricity in homes is the overloading of wall plug sockets. With so many devices in homes that need to be plugged in, there’s always a temptation to simply add multiple adaptors to each outlet. This can get to be exceptionally dangerous, as multiple plug adaptors are only really meant to be used for devices that have a low energy consumption and are not intended for long term use for all devices.

The best way to address a need to plug in more devices than you have sockets for is to have more wall outlets installed. Q Energy provide this service, and do so – as you would expect – in a way that ensures maximum safety for you in your home. By having new wall outlets added your devices are plugged in directly to the mains as was always intended to be the case, giving you the assurance of safe use. When carrying out work to install new electricity outlets, we will of course make sure that all of your existing wiring is in good order, safe and working as it should.

As the leading electricians Derbyshire are served by, our service reaches beyond ensuring the safe and secure use of electricity in your home. At Q Energy we are also leaders in the field with regards to introducing viable, proven energy consumption measures to your home, helping you cut your bills and lead a far more energy efficient, environmentally friendly life. From the latest in solar panel technology through to voltage reduction units, we supply and install systems known and trusted to help keep your household energy costs to the most minimal level possible.

Whether you need one new plug socket fitted or your whole house rewired, Q Energy have the trusted skills and abilities to deliver a world class level of standard. Our expertise and knowledge are what you need to have in place in order to make sure your home is using electricity safely and efficiently.