Electricians Leicestershire

In modern day Britain there is a problem that all of us face – rising energy costs. The most commonly suggested means of reducing electricity costs – by either not using so many devices or by switching your supplier whenever a good deal is offered – isn’t something that particularly suits the lifestyle or the requirements of everyone. There are other means available to reduce your electricity costs, and many of them do not come with the requirement to cut down on the amount of appliances or devices you use. Q Energy, the leading electricians Leicestershire residents can call on, are at the forefront of supplying and installing the latest innovative energy saving systems.

One of the most effective ways of reducing your energy bills is by supplementing your regular power source with solar power. Harnessing solar power has always been seen as a long term solution to the world’s energy needs, and recent technological movements forward have given every indication that this will be possible. Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are a breakthrough which mean that direct exposure to sunlight is not required to generate solar energy. Instead solar radiation is drawn from atmospheric particles, which means that even during cloudy days the panels work to produce energy.

Having solar power feed into your home supply is a proven way of reducing the level of gas or electricity you consume from suppliers. Not everyone, we appreciate, is in a position where they can install solar panels. In these cases, we would recommend a voltage reduction unit be installed. These systems work on the principle that the electricity supplied to your home is higher than you actually need.

As a default, for historical reasons, electricity is supplied to homes at a level of 245V. However, the overwhelming majority of appliances and devices in the UK only require 220V to operate, with 230V being the highest level required. The extra volts being sent to your home are ones that you are paying for, yet get no benefit or use from. The voltage reduction units we supply and install prevent the excess voltage being fed into your home whilst ensuring that all electrical devices remain perfectly safe to use and are fully operational.

Our position is of being the electricians Leicestershire residents trust to implement safe and effective electricity cost reduction measures. Our services are all focused on making sure that people only pay for the electricity that they actually need, as well as enabling them to make substantial reductions to their energy bills.