Electricians Staffordshire

There is at least one constant across all of us living in modern day Britain. That is how we are all facing rising, in many cases crippling, costs for energy for our homes. Electricity prices seem to be forever rising, and it’s just not practical for many – if any – to simply stop using electronic devices in order to cut costs. With over 20,000 house fires being started by electrical faults or the misuses of electricity, people are also aware of the need to make sure the electrical wiring in place at their home is in good working order. Q Energy are the electricians Staffordshire trusts to make sure both of these important matters are addressed.

At Q Energy we work to deliver both safe and efficient use of electricity to Staffordshire residents to the highest standard of quality possible. We also work to provide our services at the most affordable, competitive pricing possible – we know that there is little point providing energy reduction measures that end up costing more than the real term savings they deliver. Technological advances and innovations in energy saving systems have led to a reduction in the cost to produce such equipment, and with Q Energy you are always assured of obtaining the best of equipment at the lowest prices.

The two most commonly used energy saving devices we bring to Staffordshire homes are photovoltaic, often rather just referred to as PV, solar panels and voltage reduction units. Both of these are designed to significantly – and safely – reduce the amount of electricity that you consume from suppliers via the national grid. In order to ensure you get the maximum level of potential savings in place, our experts at Q Energy will always be happy to discuss how the different forms of energy saving devices function and help you determine which one will be the most beneficial for you.

A matter of greater importance than reducing energy costs is, of course, ensuring that your energy use at home is safe. The overwhelming majority of electrical fires in the UK are started by either bad wiring from the mains or from people overloading wall sockets with multiple adaptors. Q Energy offer a trusted, professional service in respect of both ensuring your existing wiring is correct and safe and in regards of installing new wall sockets and outlets. We understand that you want to be safe and sound in your own home – using our electrical service is the way to achieve this.

For any and all matters relating to electrical work in Staffordshire, Q Energy are your most assured choice. We can meet the requirement of any work you need carried out, always making sure that it is carried out to the highest professional standards and in a way that will exceed your expectations.