Energy efficiency is important for the environment and cheaper bills

Q-Energy are the leading company providing the key services of electricians Midlands based home and businesses can call on. We have come to be regarded as the first and best choice of services not only for our fast, efficient and reliable provision of standard electrical work, but also due to our effective and practical cost-saving energy use reducing abilities and technology. Our company can bring to your business or home effective and unobtrusive energy efficient services that will not impact on your life but will deliver environmentally friendly benefits and facilitate energy cost reductions.

Our good standing as the leading and preferred choice of electricians Midlands residents can call on has seen us called out to attend to everything from a single new socket being installed in a studio flat through to implementing the rewiring and installation work at casinos and hospitals. We believe in ensuring we deliver the best level of service to all our clients, no matter what the size of the premises or the job is.

Beyond delivering superior standard electrical work, we at Q-Energy have become recognized as one of the leaders in providing innovative, efficient energy saving measures to both homes and businesses in the Midlands. One of the most popular, successful and dynamic services we offer is in the provision and installation of the latest voltage reduction units.

The overwhelming majority of electrical appliances – including TVs and home entertainment systems, computers and kitchen appliances – are designed to operate at optimal capacity on a 220V power supply. In the UK, power supplies in homes varies between 240V and 245V. This higher level of voltage does not in any way improve or enhance the performance of equipment designed to run on 220V – in fact in some cases it can cause damage. By installing voltage reduction units, then, we at Q-Energy help you to ensure that your equipment runs as intended, and make a significant reduction to the amount of redundant and wasted power being used.

To complement the benefit of voltage reduction, we also provide the innovative Rointe heating system – a product which generate a 60% saving in costs – and the installation of intelligent, energy saving LED light systems. Our service mission, as the finest electricians Midlands’ residents and businesses can call upon, is to deliver a complete solution for your energy saving requirements. We deliver and install effective, high performance systems and measures that will deliver long term benefits on your investment.