Energy saving installations

Many of us are taking steps in our homes and businesses to try and preserve the planet and reduce our use of energy. One of the ways which we can do this is by investing in energy saving measures to help cut our emissions. As well as helping the planet, these measures often have knock-on benefits for those who utilise them, mostly in terms of helping to cut down energy bills. By investing in energy saving measures, you can protect the environment while slashing spending. Our electricians in Leicestershire can provide all the help you need to cut down on emissions and minimise your spending on energy.

One of the primary means of energy saving that we provide are voltage reduction units. These help to reduce the amount of energy that you are using, thus significantly reducing the cost of your energy bills. Through the use of voltage reduction units, you can reduce your energy bills by up to 10%. They are perfect for use in both domestic and commercial properties. Investing in voltage reduction units is encouraged thanks to the fact that most appliances in the average British home use less energy than the 245 volts that are circulated within the property. In fact, appliances tend to operate more efficiently at a lower voltage. By reducing it, you won’t affect the performance of your appliances, but you will make savings.

Replacing your lights with LED lights also offers energy saving capabilities. LED lights offer a number of benefits. Any company that adopts white LED lighting qualifies for enhanced capital allowances. This allows for enhanced tax relief for businesses to encourage them with adopting measures to help combat climate change. Businesses that adopt these lights may also qualify for interest-free loans to help with the costs of replacing your lights with LED lights.

If you are looking into investing in energy saving installations as a means of preserving the environment and saving money, our electricians in Leicestershire will gladly help you. We will identify the most practical systems for your specific needs and ensure that they are fully installed and working perfectly.