Energy Saving

Q-Energy Ltd are pleased to offer the latest voltage reduction units to help save you energy and money. Voltage reduction is the easiest way to reduce your energy costs without changing your lifestyle or electricity supplier. The voltage coming into your property is typically around 245V in the UK, but many of your appliances will actually work more efficiently and use less electricity at a much lower voltage. By reducing the incoming voltage into properties from 245V to 220V, substantial savings can be made in energy and money; up to 10% saving in electricity bills for a typical domestic property. Q-Energy Ltd are able to offer full installation of voltage reduction units in domestic and commercial properties.

The voltage supplied to your home or business needs to vary to ensure that the distribution network works effectively, offering the best supply to all users at all times. Across Europe the agreed statutory range for voltages is based on 230V +/-10% (207V to 253V). In the UK our voltages have historically been higher and whilst actual levels will vary during the day they typically average at around 245V.

The majority of appliances operate more efficiently at lower voltage (but still within the European statutory range). Voltage Optimisation is the control of voltage supplied to appliances to a set level (usually 220V).


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energy1Rointe ‘K’ Series

Q-Energy Ltd are pleased to promote the revolutionary energy efficient Rointe heating system and, because of the design and materials used in its construction, the radiators achieve energy savings of around 60%. These claims are backed up with an independent evaluation from BSRIA (the Building Services Research and Information Association).

The Rointe K series works by natural air convection (without fans); As the air rises, it passes through the radiators specially designed fins and is heated up before circulating around the room which is the most effective way for heat to be unified in the space volume. The aluminium quality and the thermal oil efficiency along with the radiator design allows for the highest levels of calorific performance. The electronic energy optimizer which is incorporated into each individual radiator optimizes the on and off tines of each radiator, achieving a significant saving in consumption and a perfect stability in room temperature.

energy2For many years the UK market has been dominated by gas central heating systems because consumers consider them to be controllable, affordable with the UK having a limitless supply of gas. This is fast becoming a myth. Gas prices are increasing, supply is from abroad, and electric systems can now be fully controllable. Electricity has always been considered by some an expensive fuel for heating, but with the introduction of Low Energy Consumption Electric Central Heating through Rointe, the UK has a digital electric radiator system that is cost effective, energy efficient and fully controllable. Electricity is now a completely viable alternative to wet systems.

How To Make Further Energy Savings

To benefit further from the electricity produced by your Photovoltaic installation other energy saving measures can be installed within the property including voltage optimisation units and low energy lighting; all of which can be installed by Q-Energy Ltd.

Other ways of saving is to use the electricity when the Photovoltaic system is at its most efficient; this is when the sun is out! Thus use appliances like washing machines and vacuum cleaners during the day to take advantage of the free electricity.

A remote energy meter can help users monitor their energy use, allowing them to see exactly what they are using at any given time. This data can then be logged to view energy usage patterns and to recommend further energy saving measures.