Ensure stock and staff are secure with door entry systems

Security is an important issue for any commercial building. The protection of your assets, information, stock and staff is paramount, and as security systems become more advanced it is becoming easier for business owners to equip their premises with state of the art solutions and gain full control over building access.

Door entry systems have revolutionised commercial security. If you operate retail premises your livelihood is contained inside, and you need to ensure the only people that can gain access to certain areas of your premises are authorised members of staff. Door entry systems allow you to regulate and monitor who enters and exits at all times. This eliminates the chance of any unauthorised individual gaining entry and reduces your vulnerability to theft and damage.

When keys are lost, it creates many problems. You can never be sure where they have ended up, which leaves your premises susceptible to intruders should they fall into the wrong hands. Lost keys mean time and money spent on the installation of replacement locks and new sets of keys for employees. With an access system, this issue is a thing of the past. If a card or key fob is misplaced it can simply be deactivated, which will prevent anyone from using it to enter your commercial premises.

Open and unlocked doors can expose you to an unnecessary and potentially costly security breach. When permitted staff members enter your doors will automatically lock behind them ensuring your security measures remain uncompromised. Even if the building that houses your business permits access through its main entrance doors you can still install a door entry system to keep your place of business secure.

When staff feel safe it makes for a better working environment. Whether you operate from an office or a shop, you will benefit from a positive team that feel happy and secure in the workplace. Our electricians in Leicestershire can assess your particular security needs and offer advice and recommendations. We can install your door entry systems as well as a whole host of other electrical solutions.