Ensure your electrical appliances aren’t damaged

Your home’s electrical appliances can be dangerous if installed or used incorrectly. In addition, they can sometimes be life threatening if not checked and tested periodically. Often people only acknowledge that dangerous appliances are just likely to be old ones. This isn’t entirely true though. Even with today’s current electrical safety laws and guidelines, some devices can still have the potential to be fatally damaging either via a fire or electric shock.

Q-Energy, being a professional and experienced electrical testing company, can say we have come across our fair share of dangerous appliances. We would like to share some tips with you regarding the safety of your appliances. We are the best team of electricians Derbyshire has to offer and always focus on providing realistic support.

Some devices simply have a piece of live wiring exposed. Even if it is only small, there is still the potential to cause an electric shock. If you are aware of something similar or the same present in your home, do not use the appliance and if possible replace it.

Additionally, ensure you do not repair any damage yourself. Many believe that a simple piece of duct tape around the exposed part is enough. In fact this can worsen the danger. The plastic cover on a cable or cord provides different protection for wiring, something that is definitely not possible with duct tape.

A common example of a damaged appliance which can create immense danger is an iron with exposed cables. What’s more, to use an iron it requires water. This mean if any droplets of water made contact with the exposed wiring it could mean serious injury.

The best advice for this type of situation is, as said before, unplug the appliance and do not use it. In the case of one being too expensive to replace, consider contacting a professional to inspect the problem. A repair may be possible.

If you require an experienced professional to test and inspect your electrical appliances, keep Q-Energy in mind. We not only carry out testing and inspection services but also fire alarm system services and the fitting of energy saving lights. We are reliable electricians Derbyshire clients can always expect to do a great job.

If you require our expertise, please don’t hesitate in contacting us today.