Ensuring Quick And Safe Exits During Power Cuts

If you’ve noticed that you seem to be subject to power cuts more often you can take some comfort in knowing that you are not alone in this respect. Although there are no qualified survey results to this effect available as of yet, the amount of calls we, one of the most trusted electricians in Derbyshire, have had over the last year about power outages has been significant. Whilst it’s something of a nuisance and a problem we have to put up with at home, for businesses and commercial property owners there are a number of implications which need to be addressed. A priority is making sure that all within their premises are safe as and when a power failure happens.

An ideal description of emergency lighting is that it’s one of those things you would rather have and never make use of than need and not have available. The purpose of the system is to illuminate the route to the nearest, safest exit at times when there’s been a power failure or other form of emergency situation. Whilst it’s the case that the majority of power failures will prove to be short term incidents, from a liability and safety point it will always be best to evacuate people until a clear understanding of what the situation is emerges. Emergency lights enable this by being on despite the power being off and by clearly demarcating the correct exit path people should take.

The success of emergency lighting is something dependent on the quality of installation. We know exactly how valuable it is to both business owners and people within a building, and have total respect for the fact that it must be 100% reliable. In order to meet this we give a comprehensive service in terms of installing emergency lighting, ensuring that it meets all Health and Safety requirements and has suitable battery backup power supplies in place.

Power failures are, sadly, a disruption to our lives that won’t be going away any time soon. They are a factor that we need to keep in mind as we go along with our usual daily routines, endeavouring to be as prepared for them as we can be as and when they happen. Our emergency lighting installation services in Derbyshire provide you with an important part of your preparations. With us you can ensure the system is installed to a very high standard.