Equipping commercial buildings with easy escape routes

When it comes to operating commercial premises, the safety of the staff and visitors must be high priority. It is important to implement and maintain full safety measures to be sure of keeping everyone safe in the event of an emergency. There are several contributing factors to the loss of mains electricity in a property, such as a power cut or the failure of the regular lighting system. Emergency lighting provides the ideal solution when a building loses power and the usual lighting system fails.

When we experience a power cut in our homes we are usually prepared. We tend to light a few candles and sit it out until the power is restored. However, when people are in a public place and power is lost, it can cause a panic which can lead to accidents and even injury. Your staff may be familiar with the layout of your premises, but your customers and visitors will not be. The installation of emergency lighting equips your building with a contingency plan during a power outage and enables everyone on the premises to find their way to the exits and evacuate safely.

Every non-domestic building is legally required to install emergency lighting. Its role is to provide sufficient illumination should the normal lighting system experience failure. Naturally, each building has its own specific layout, which means it has unique emergency lighting requirements.

Every system needs to be carefully designed and planned to suit the individual requirements of the premises in question. Each lighting feature needs to be strategically positioned to be sure of providing comprehensive lighting when activated. Once all fittings have been installed they must be subjected to periodic testing and maintenance to ensure optimal function and the full provision of safety measures.

We are firmly established and professional electricians in Staffordshire and we can advise you on the right emergency lighting systems for your property and carry out safe and highly efficient installations. We offer design, installation, testing and maintenance services and we work with a varied range of commercial and industrial customers, helping to make their premises safer and more efficient.