Exercising caution with floodwater ridden wiring

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Cables and wires that have become exposed to floodwater must be replaced to make certain that your electrical system remains in a safe and stable condition. When introduced to excessive moisture or water, the components can be ruined due to corrosion or mildew. Both of these can result in termination or insulation failures.

Those cables and wires that are intended for dry environments only, such as NM-B, should be replaced if exposed to floodwater. The reason why is that these kinds of wires are made with paper fillers, which can pull contaminated water into the cable. If this happens premature failure will be the outcome.

Components that are listed for wet locations, including the likes of XHHW and THWN, can still be used, just as long as no contaminants are present. Later on, there might be issues that pop up due to the corrosion of the conductor. This can cause it to overheat. If the conductor ends have come into contact with water, the wires can be purged in order to remove the liquid.

To be safe, our people should examine all wires and cables that have encountered floodwater. Problems may not materialise immediately, but if given time, they can develop.

At Q-Energy our electricians can come and inspect your wires and cables if they’ve come into contact with water. We will determine the extent of the damage and shall then decide whether a replacement is required. Get in touch with our team straight away if you have any concerns and want a reliable service in Warwickshire.