How a relay functions

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Relays are electromagnetic switches that are operated by a small electric current which can either turn off or turn on a much larger flow of electricity. At the heart of the relay lies an electromagnet, which is a coil of wire that acts as a temporary magnet when electricity passes through it. People can think of a relay as a sort of electric lever, as it switches on a minor current which itself turns on another appliance utilising a considerably larger current.

These relays are useful because, as the name suggests, sensors are massively sensitive electronic devices and produce only minor electric currents. However, we need them a lot of the time to drive bigger apparatus pieces that make use of huge voltages. Relays work to bridge the gap, making it possible for the smaller current to activate the large one. This means that they can work as both switches, as they turn things off and on, and as amplifiers, thanks to them being able to convert small currents into big ones.

Suppose someone would like to build an electronically operated cooling system that switches a fan off or on as the room temperature alters. You could use a sort of electronic thermometer circuit to sense temperatures, but it’d only produce miniscule currents. Instead, it’d be more prudent to connect the thermometer circuit to that of a relay’s input circuit, as this will allow for a much bigger current flow.

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