Identifying faults associated with appliances and circuits

Complete customer satisfaction is the goal at our company and we manage to provide this only due to the efforts of our talented team. This focus has made us the best electricians Leicestershire has to offer.

With over three decades worth of experience behind us and an expertise in the commercial, domestic and industrial sectors, no electrical fault is too tough for us. As NICEIC,ECA members, not only can we guarantee a professional approach, but also that the work will be carried out to the highest of standards.

It’s always annoying when something like an electrical socket doesn’t work. With a little detective work however, the problem is certain to be discovered. While you can correct some issues yourself, it’s a much better idea to get trained electricians in to do the job for you for safety’s sake. They will also provide a higher quality service.

If some kind of plug-in appliance is non-operational, try another socket first. If this works, the problem is with the socket or electrics rather than the device. One or both will need to be repaired. When you know that the socket functions and something isn’t working, a replacement fuse with the correct rating will be required. Problems that persist after are usually the result of an internal fault, which we will need to look into.

To deduce whether or not a circuit is damaged the first step is to unplug and turn off everything associated with it, including the consumer unit and main isolating switch. Next, the circuit fuse should be repaired or the breaker needs to be reset. Once everything is turned back on and the item that’s causing circuit complications is found, it needs isolating again and the flex, connections and fuse need observing. If any circuits trip or fuses are blown, the cause may well be in the wiring.

At Q-Energy we are well versed in all forms of electrical repairs, allowing us to offer the very best services across Leicestershire. With the latest equipment and the best people behind us, we won’t let you down. As soon as you notice any issues, contact us straight away.