Improving security and safety

As electricians in Derbyshire, it is our duty to always optimise the safety of our clients when we are carrying out our work. Health and safety is at the forefront of our minds in all the jobs we do, no matter how big or small, and we are members of the NICEIC, which means our work lives up to the high standards expected by the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

If you are a landlord or property developer, it is crucial that your properties offer maximum safety, both for legal reasons and to give you and your tenants peace of mind. Internal wiring and electrical installations need to be carried out by trusted professionals that have the skills and experience to deliver the finest standards of work. We can safely and accurately rewire or provide installations in your property, and also carry out full inspections to make sure the existing electrical systems in your property are meeting the required standards. We offer this service for all types of property, from a single house to a large estate or an entire block of flats.

As well as being conscious of electrical safety in our work, we can provide a range of services to help you make your home or business feel safer and more secure. We install top of the range CCTV and door entry systems to give you greater control over who is entering and leaving your building, and guard against the risk of vandals or intruders. We can also install emergency lighting and alarm systems to give you complete confidence that your property is safeguarded in the event of an accident or incident.

If you would like to improve security around your property or make absolutely certain your electrical systems are working as they should be, we are the electricians in Derbyshire you can rely on. We’re dedicated to helping our clients feel safe and giving them the confidence to know that their electrical installations have been completed by skilled professionals.