Increasing your energy efficiency

We strive to be nothing less than leaders in the electrical industry, which is why we devote much of our time to the research of newly developed technologies and the pursuit of the very latest products. Our versatility has solidified our position as some of the most trusted electricians in Warwickshire for both the commercial and domestic sector.

The conservation of energy is something we are greatly concerned with, and we maintain a commitment to ecological awareness. This is why we offer voltage reduction units. Voltage reduction allows you to reduce your energy costs without altering your living habits or facing the frustration of switching energy suppliers. The majority of your household appliances can actually function with increased efficiency and utilise less electricity at a lower voltage. The result is a substantial saving of money and energy. We can successfully equip all commercial and domestic properties with voltage reduction units.

The UK market has been dominated by gas central heating systems for a long time, but as the price of gas rises it is good news for consumers that electric systems are becoming more controllable. For many years electricity was considered too expensive for heating, but with the introduction of Low Energy Consumption Electric Central Heating we can benefit from a cost-effective, energy efficient and fully manageable digital electric radiator system. We are proud to promote the energy efficient Rointe system which can achieve energy savings of up to 60%. This is a result of the materials and design used for construction. The system works by natural air convection which eliminates the need for fans. The air that rises heats up as it passes through the radiator and then circulates around the room.

Our electricians in Warwickshire provide an array of services that range from basic installations to the complete rewire of a building. Our industrial and commercial services include the installation of energy efficient and emergency lighting along with fire alarm systems, door entry systems and CCTV. We have carried out work in all kinds of environments such as casinos, shops and hospitals. Our experience is extensive and we can safely supply every business and property with energy saving equipment along with superlative security and electrical systems.