Industrial and commercial safety and security solutions

In industrial and commercial properties, safety is paramount. Without sufficient security measures in place, you are putting your property at risk of intrusion and general danger from issues such as fire. With the right systems in place, you can respond to any threats swiftly. Our electricians in Derbyshire can perform a number of electrical installations designed to provide safety and security for your property and the people in it.

There are a huge variety of different systems to choose from. These range from fire alarms to entry control systems designed to bar unauthorised personnel from entering the premises. All our safety and security systems are designed with the sole purpose of boosting your safety and preventing the worst from occurring. With our expert electricians installing the systems, you can be assured that everything will be done efficiently.

Fire alarm systems are the first and foremost protector against the threat of fire. They can incorporate smoke detectors or heat sensors to alert the property’s inhabitants when a fire begins. Some alarm systems can also be hooked up to contact Alarm Receiving Centres or the emergency services when the alarm is triggered, enabling an ultra-swift response. CCTV systems are one of the other primary security systems, providing a visible deterrent or a hidden means of surveying a property.

We can offer various other methods of security and safety besides these. Emergency lighting is extremely useful, as it ensures that there is always a light source even if a disaster knocks out the power in the property. Access control systems are a popular choice in many businesses, and when combined with CCTV systems, they will allow a comprehensive safeguard against intruders and criminals.

As the electricians in Derbyshire that many businesses have come to trust, we take great pride in our reputation and do all that we can to provide our customers with electrical systems of the best possible quality. We can handle the whole process, from the initial design to the final installation.