Installing smart lighting

Being top electricians Derbyshire residents can rely on, we understand every homeowner’s ambition for convenience. Keeping this in mind, people’s new-found obsession with smart lighting doesn’t come as a surprise. It has many benefits not just being more convenient than turning all light switches off by hand. Some of these include improved savings on bills, better visual appeal, and improved security.

Smart lighting considerations

You need to ask yourself some questions before undergoing installation. One question is what do you need from the system? This answer can vary depending on numerous factors. For one, do you want control over all lights or just specific ones? Additionally, you need to ask yourself which lights you want automated. Perhaps you need specific rooms under automation for when you are away or for interior look.

Also, is having control over the brightness ideal to you? You can install security lighting which dims at certain times. Similarly, you have the option of outdoor motion detectors. However keep in mind you aren’t limited to these options, as you can control any light in your home

Smart lighting installation time

Along with the considerations above, the preparation and time of installation depends on some factors. The equipment you have available and experience can really affect how long it takes. This is why it’s crucial to know the products on the market, as well as their specifications and setup. If you lack experience with these devices, consider hiring an electrician.

However, you can check to see if your current setup is compatible yourself. If any switches, bulbs, or wiring isn’t compatible it will need replacing. Remember to check your hub and internet connection as well, because it’s crucial for overall efficiency. Additionally, it’s advised to fit deep junction boxes and data wiring. Many electricians will carry out whole-house surge protection too.

Understandably, few homeowners find installing this system simple. If you too struggle with this installation, contact the best electricians Derbyshire has for help. Q-Energy not only provides these services, but also installs PV Solar panels and other energy saving systems. If you need our expertise, contact us today.