Installing the innovative Rointe heating system

Many homeowners are in search of ways to cut their energy bills. There are many ways to achieve this, from installing voltage reduction units to investing in energy saving lighting systems such as LED lighting. Our electricians in Staffordshire can offer another alternative for those who want to embrace energy saving installations, and that is the revolutionary Rointe ‘K’ series of energy efficient heating.

This system works by utilising natural air convection, meaning that it works without fans. As air rises, it passes through the radiator’s specially designed fins. This heats up the air before it circulates around the room. This is, essentially, a very efficient means of heating that can easily warm up a whole room, without the localised heating that is a setback of conventional radiators. This means that, generally speaking, the heating needs to spend much less time being turned on for the room to feel the benefits.

The energy savings also occur thanks to the materials used in the heater. The quality of the aluminium and the thermal oil efficiency allow for high levels of calorific performance. The electronic energy optimisation also optimizes the on and off times of each radiator, ensuring that heating is provided only when it is needed and providing further savings in regards to consumption. It also has a low surface contact temperature, meaning less chance of accidents occurring. When independently evaluated by the Building Services Research and Information Association, it was found that the Rointe ‘K’ series of heating is highly energy efficient, achieving energy savings of roughly 60%.

As gas prices increase, many homes are making the switch to electrical systems. These systems are fully controllable and are swiftly becoming much more affordable than their gas counterparts. With Rointe’s heating system, there is now a method that offers low energy consumption and much greater efficiency. Our skilled electricians in Staffordshire can fully install these systems for you, allowing you to experience their amazingly efficient heating performance. When you’re ready to embrace a new type of heating, our team will show you why Rointe is one of the best options for you.