Installing USB power sockets at work and home

In our digital world, there’s one thing that most of us will have in common – an increased number of USB cables around our homes and offices. While USB started off as purely a way of transferring data to and from a PC and other devices, it has evolved to the point where it can also be used to power most devices. The latest 3.0 cables and the reversible “C” type connectors are able to not only carry data transfers faster than ever before but also power devices such as laptops directly, removing the need for bulky power adapters. Despite this there is another thing many of us will do – connect these USB cables to standard three-pin UK plug adapters in order to power or charge devices. We can offer a solution for this.

It is now possible to have socket outlets installed which feature USB ports. These allow you to connect USB compatible devices to sockets directly in order to power them or charge up the batteries. This saves you from having to both find and connect adapters to charge devices, and of course also from needing to unplug other appliances in order to make use of them.

We can assure you that these new styles of plug sockets are as safe to use as if you were to connect a USB cord to an adapter. These plugs have been stringently tested and declared legal to use in the UK, which means they meet the highest possible standards of safety. However, no electrical installation can be safe unless you have professional, certified electricians fit and install them for you. Just as is the case with any form of electrical socket or outlet, great care is required to make certain that it is correctly connected to your home electricity supply. Our electricians in Staffordshire can provide you with the highest standard of service and ensure the installation is carried out perfectly.

With more and more devices requiring USB for power, we find that these sockets are becoming increasingly popular. Our view is that these sockets offer greater convenience for you, either at home or at work, and can contribute to a safer, more energy efficient way of using electricity. We look forward to installing them for you in your home or business premises so that you can experience these benefits for yourself.