Investing in PIR controlled lighting

Have you ever thought about how much energy you waste by having the lights on when you don’t need them? This could add up to hundreds or thousands of pounds per year for large businesses. It is better to invest in modern technology that can turn lights on and off as you need them. One of the best options is PIR controlled lighting. Below you can read more about it. Then, if you want to invest, we can give you the best electricians Warwickshire has. They will plan the job and install everything carefully.

What is PIR?

Passive infra-red sensors detect heat, whether it comes from humans, animals, or another source. As a result they are a great option for modern lights and alarms. They can form a system that monitors an area for heat and then triggers a light or alarm sounder when it picks it up.

How does it improve lighting?

Electricians WarwickshireThe issue with lighting is it is very hard to predict when people will use certain spaces, especially in a large office building. As a result in most cases lights remain on as long as the building is occupied. They may even stay on afterwards because there is nobody to go around and turn them off.

PIR is a great option here. The detectors can be set so they pick up body heat and then flick the lights on. The system can be pre-set for the lights to stay on for a specific length of time or go off again after the temperature falls again. Either way, it means the lights will only be on when people are in the area and need to see what they are doing.

It is very common to see PIR lighting in corridors, stairwells, bathrooms and car parks. They can work in both indoor and outdoor settings. Most importantly, they are a cost effective option, can last a long time, and have the potential to save a lot of energy,

Commercial electricians in Warwickshire

If you do want to upgrade to modern PIR controlled lighting, we can help. The Q-Energy team has the skills to work in all kinds of buildings, from large office blocks to smaller premises. We can install energy efficient light systems for you, ensuring they are perfect for your needs.

Speak to some of the best electricians Warwickshire has today. We can give you a first rate service and all the support you need.