Know what you are up against before doing electrical work

Rectifying an electrical fault isn’t something a casual homeowner should attempt. Usually, it leads to more problems. The best approach here would be to contact someone with the right skills. Luckily we employ the finest electricians Derbyshire has. Using the right tools as well as a wealth of experience, we can overcome any obstacle.

Your safety is of the utmost importance when dealing with household electrics. There are many signs out there that can tell you there’s an issue with your home circuit. We want you to know when it’s time to react. To accomplish this, we look at some of the faults you can encounter below.


There might be periodic electrical surges. You may be experiencing them due to bad wiring, damage to power lines, or lightning strikes. An actual surge lasts for one microsecond. Constant surges however can harm the electrical items in your house. This significantly deteriorates their life expectancy. The culprit behind all this is likely an appliance or product connected to the wiring or home grid.

Power sags and dips

Sags and dips in power are also common occurrences. They are often the result of faulty or cheap devices. Equipment that consumes a colossal amount of power can have the same impact. The solution is to use quality devices and be careful when turning on anything that uses a lot of power. Items that have motors fall into this category.


Sometimes, your lights can be too dim or bright. There are two potential causes for this problem. The first is that you’re using different kinds of lights that all have a distinct wattage. Have a look and see whether every globe is identical. The second cause is a bad main neutral connection. Until someone comes and fixes this, you’ll continue to have issues.

At Q-Energy, we commit to meeting the needs of every customer. It doesn’t matter how complex they are; our astonishing attention to detail, as well as an ability to work under strict timing conditions, will allow us to succeed. We are the top team of electricians Derbyshire has and work very hard to ensure it stays that way.

If you require our assistance, please get in touch as soon as possible. Tell us about the problem you are having or arrange for us to visit to inspect for you.