Knowing the ins and outs of your wires

We’ve always been proud of our ability to carry out any sort of electrical work for our clients, as it means that we have the skill set necessary to keep them safe. Having offered our assistance to the commercial, domestic and residential industries during our thirty years in service, our team is incredibly familiar with all the electronics one typically encounters in such environments. With the best electricians in Staffordshire and top of the line technology behind us, there’s no problem that we can’t overcome.

Wires may seem relatively simple to you, but the truth is that they are more complex than many people think. In order to do our job right, we must understand every aspect of them.

We identify individual cables by way of letters and numbers and to give an example, the Indoor NMB (Non-Metallic) cable is called such because it possesses a PVC jacket as opposed to a metal clad variation. These are basic indoor wires used to supply power to outlets, lights and other appliances. Since the jacket isn’t prepped to withstand wear and tear, they can’t be used outside.

The MC 12/2 cable is another model, with the MC standing for metal clad due to the interlocked armour that encircles the THHN wires. This armour acts as something of a conduit as well whenever it’s utilised for indoor purposes. It’s often the case that NMB cables need to be installed within the conduit for appliances present indoors, but MC wires can now function as both the conduit and electrical wire at once.

At Q-Energy the electricians in our employ are well educated on all the differing types of cables that exist. If a wire was introduced to an appliance that it doesn’t match up with, then it could cause quite a fuss with your electrics, so we have to be certain that our knowledge is on point. Whenever an electrical fault occurs, we are the ones to contact.